a) To get the exact shipping costs, I guess the courier needs information such as the dimensions of boxing and the precise weight that will only be available when the products are manufactured and packaged. The supplier may be able to give an estimate, but that is just an estimate. How do I get the exact shipping fee to enter the contract? Step two. Fill out the registration form by clicking HERE. As soon as you complete the form, amazon Business Customer Advisor will contact you within three business days to complete the registration process. You must use the account identifiers and all public/private keys we have issued to allow access to your data through partner APIs (“Account IDs and Credentials”) in accordance with these partner API conditions, to allow developers to access partner APIs on your behalf. You can only allow access to confidential information and your documents in the way we require through partner APIs. Your account credentials and registration information are only for your personal use and you must keep their privacy and security. You are solely responsible for all activities that take place with account credentials and registration information, whether the activities are carried out by you or by a third party (including your employees, contractors or agents). You will notify us immediately if you believe that an unauthorized third party is using your account and login information, or if your account and login information is lost or stolen. We are not responsible for the unauthorized use of your account credentials and login information. Home → Amazon News – Updates → IMPORTANT: Amazon imposes a new contract on ALL Amazon Sellers Hi there, I sent the order to the supplier I chose. And he does not agree with the term regarding the 5% discount.

I loved communicating with the agent, she is so proactive and seems to understand what I really want compared to other agents I`ve spoken to. Do you recommend going further with this supplier? Everything else has already been discussed and I`m really happy with everything else. It seems to me that the non-acceptance of this term shows that the supplier will probably not be able to complete production on time…. You, on behalf of you and all successors, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, directors, shareholders, employees, beneficiaries of divestitures and any other person or entity that, by, under or in coordination with them (with the “Releasing Parties”) irrevocably acknowledge the complete and complete satisfaction and unconditional and irrevocable release of Amazon and any related company, and all of our predecessors, and all of our predecessors, successors and affiliates, past and present, as well as all our partners, executives, directors, shareholders, representatives, employees, representatives, lawyers and beneficiaries of transfer, past and present, and any person acting by, by, under or in coordination with each of them (together, the “released parties”), of all claims, obligations, receivables, means, remedies, damages, losses, debts or rights of any kind or nature , whether the parties to the release own or hold or hold or hold or hold or hold in the future against the released parties or any of them that occur or in any way, in connection with the supply, export or delivery of your products to foreign addresses, including the registration or application of a tax.