Corporate Events can have their fair share of “Disasters”.

Its so easy to get things wrong sometimes with entertainers at events, and you can even, loose a valuable client. Our Number 1 booking agency ensure quality performance from all our artists every time.

Here is a brief checklist to ensure everyhing is on track on the week of the event so that you dont have to worry !

  1. Do I have my confirmation email from the band or Artist
  2. Have you emailed the early set up times
  3. Is it possible to access the load in area with enough time before doors and the guests arrive
  4. Whats the stage time ?
  5. Did I confirm with the act to have them back in in place one hour before stage time
  6. Is the ” Dressing Room” organised so I know where to call the act from
  7. Is the sound system booked and are crew informed about the right times
  8. What is the curfew time and have I informed the client as they will on doubt want to keep the party going
  9. Have I arranged sufficient crew, on time,  to do the take down and clear the room for the next event
  10. Make a follow up text or call, next day, with your client to ensure all is well

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