There are two types of people who like crossword puzzles. There are several common techniques that are used in hidden word indices. We`ve had this setter before I think, and I still don`t appreciate much of their clues. I liked 18a, but now I know it`s already been seen once…. Ximenean`s rules are very precise in terms of grammar and syntax, especially with regard to the indicators used for different wordplay methods. Libertarian setters can use devices that convey “more or less” the message. For example, if the BEER response of the Setters may decide to divide the word into BEE and R and, after finding appropriate ways to define the answer and BEE, now tries the Solver a reference to the letter R. Ximenean rules would not allow something like “to reach first” suggests that R is the first letter of “Reach” , because, grammatical, this is not what “Reach first” implies. Instead, a “first to reach” phrase would be needed, as this is consistent with the rules of grammar. However, many libertarian crossword writers would accept “Reach First,” believing that it would be reasonable to convey the idea in a reasonable way.

A reference to the 100nic rules for BEER (BEE-R) might, for example, look like this: to make clues more difficult, cryptic designers often use traditional indicator words in a misleading way. I enjoyed these crossword puzzles because the surfaces were concise and clean, but often a little untangled. Especially the only one I wasn`t sure about 1a, because I had it as a verb and something for which Botham had a reputation. The Tilse index puzzled me. I looked at my answer and for the life of me could not find a desire or a bird without a L. Doh… the pennies fell and I remembered that in this country you can take a tree on the green! Thank you for enlightening me. 1d stitch up with a nurse in the noble zone (4,3) A word means sting is reversed (up as it`s a hint of down) and add a word of meaning to take care of someone. Join them and share elsewhere to live the name from somewhere.

The best way to start with cryptic crossword puzzles, Astle says, was to look for the shortest clue. I enjoyed it and we finished it without resorting to hints from Tilsit, although I read it afterwards for fun. I know DID 22a, I think it`s a nice word, even if I don`t think I`ve ever used it! I was AWOL yesterday when the two grandchildren came for the day to (haha) some of the equipment they left, under our free bedroom now they no longer have a parental home. What a nightmare! How can I throw away his toys? In any case, one day when everything is methodically packed and two big bags for the charity store have led the way — now all that`s left is the carport and the office to start next time. Crosswords are always a wonderful change for me and I thank you all wholeheately for the attitude, the wonderful analysis and all the comments that all illuminate my day. It`s like another family – but a family without a problem. (Well, sort of!) Couldn`t decide this, but after I went back through all the clues, I thought it was just -OK, so difficult, for a Saturday.