While all claims filed have a fair and impartial balance in resolution, the filing of a claim alone does not guarantee the partial or full payment of the amount requested. Applicants are encouraged to review the customer agreement, as it is the language of this agreement, which forms the basis of the assessment of claims. If the customer contract differs from the IB website, the customer contract replaces the site. With respect to trade-related claims, please respect the following clauses of the customer contract: (i) customers are responsible for all transactions entered with the customer`s username/password; (ii) Cancellation requests are not guaranteed; (iii) Individual treatment is not responsible for the action or decision of stock exchanges, markets, traders, clearing houses or regulators; (iv) customers are bound to the execution of orders if they comply with the customer`s order and (v) the customer is responsible for knowing the terms of the traded products and the markets involved. The client is responsible for holding sufficient equity within the account at all times to meet the margin requirements. If the client`s account does not have sufficient capital, IB has the right, but not the obligation to liquidate the client`s position at any time and in any way without the client`s notice. Please note that at no time does IB compensate a customer for technological problems or missed opportunities. IB (zip-): agreements_and_notices.zip: 556362 . . И выбрать русский язык в качестве интерфейса (если этого не произойдет автоматически). После проверки подтверждающих документов и одобрения открытия счета вы получите соответствующее уведомление на Вашу электронную почту. В разделе «Секретные вопросы» Вы можете выбрать наиболее интересные для себя, на случай проблем с доступом к личному кабинету.