Transfer programs eligible under the agreement are listed below. Please follow the links to learn more about the steps and requirements of applying for each program. For more information on the articulation agreement, please visit Total transfer credits possible with the agreement: 64 miami dade credits students wishing to move to Berklee are required to go through the official admission process of Berklee. Students admitted to Berklee receive courses transferred to Miami Dade under an agreement between the two schools. The FAU and the Miami Dade College (MDC) Joint Agreement establish “4-to-1” bachelor`s programs in which students studying the bachelor of science (BS) eligible for the MDC qualify for admission to royally eligible for the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science (COECS). MDC graduates who participate in an MS OF the FAU program, in accordance with this agreement, have the opportunity to obtain a sclere degree within one year if they are enrolled full-time. MS programs at the FAU require at least 30 grade credits. In an effort to expand the opportunities available to graduate students, Miami Dade College (MDC) has entered into a “4-1” articulation agreement with Florida Atlantic University (FAU) that allows MDC graduates with a bachelor`s degree in engineering, data analysis or information systems technology to obtain a master`s degree in the FAU in one year.

The agreement ensures that graduate students from the MDC School of Engineering and Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering will be admitted, if specific requirements are met for the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering or the Master of Science in Bioengineering at the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science. Similarly, MDC students with a bachelor`s degree in data analysis or a bachelor`s degree in information systems technology can obtain the Master of Science in Information Technology and FAU Management within one year of graduation. For more information on free arts classes, visit Berklee. . As a general rule, students must receive a B (3.00/4.00) or higher grade in all free arts or general election courses with a C (2.00/4.00) or higher rating. As part of the admissions process, transfer students are invited to submit an official transcript indicating all courses completed with a satisfactory grade prior to the granting of transferred credits. Potential transfer credits in sets: six credits. Core Music Courses (Potential Transfer Credits – 20) Visit the Miami Dade website to learn more about the transfer route to Berklee. “This extensive partnership program will provide MDC students with a master`s degree in electrical engineering, bioengineering or information technology and management,” said Dr.

Stella Batalama, Dean of the FAU College of Engineering and Computer Science. “We look forward to welcoming these students to our university and are pleased that they are joining the FAU family.” Our goal with these guides is to make you ready for the transfer! This means that you must select your main pre-accessions before you move to the FIU. Being ready for the transfer means you can sign up for first division courses after the transfer, saving money and time. Students who pass the Bachelor of Music at The Berklee College of Music must obtain at least 39 free arts credits and can use six liberal art credits (two courses) as general election credits.