General. In the interest of resolving disputes between you and Tally, in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner possible, as far as applicable legislation permits, you and Tally agree that all service-related disputes are resolved through mandatory arbitration. Arbitration is more informal than legal action. Arbitration uses a neutral arbitrator instead of a judge or jury, may allow for a more limited discovery than in the courts, and may be subject to very limited judicial verification. Arbitrators may award the same damages and facilities that a court can award. Our Dispute Settlement Agreement includes all claims arising from or related to any aspect of the Service, whether based on capital, contract, unlawful action, law, fraud, incorrect presentation or any other theory of law, whether claims occur before, during or after the end of service. 26. Indices. We may send you a general message in your account information or, if the message is general in nature (not specific to you), by posting on our website, (ii) email to your email address that appears in your registration data, (iii) SMS message to your phone number that is noted in your registration data, or (iv) written message sent by the first class to your address indicated in your registration data. This notification is deemed to have been received after 48 hours after shipping first class or 12 hours after shipping or shipping.

You can communicate to us (this message is considered given if we received it) by one of the following: (a) email to, with “customer notice, attention: director of customer support” in the subject; (b) written communication sent by first-class mail to our address in this contract (since it may be amended, as required by any changes to this Agreement); or (c) written notification to our address provided by a nationally licensed night delivery service. Our current notification address is Tally Street, Inc., 55 Court St, Boston, MA, 02108, in both cases, to the attention of “President of the Company.” Communications are not effective unless they are delivered in accordance with the above requirements. 2. Agree. The agreement between you and Tally Street consists of this agreement as well as our privacy policy, which is included in this contract and is available on the home page of this site. If there is a conflict between this agreement and the privacy policy, that agreement is monitored. IF YOUR CREDENTIALS TO ACCESS THIS FEATURE ARE LOST OR STOLEN, NOTIFY US AT ONCE IN writing to us or call us at and 866-508-2559.