I want to know that here in the Philippines, there really is a law for landlords who do not issue receipts to their tenants, and what are the penalties for that? I have been renting an apartment for almost 2 years and my landlord does not issue us payment confirmations, he said that anyone who would like a receipt can leave and leave his apartment! Is there no law for this type of illegal activity? Please send me an email on this essential matter. (2) carry out, during the lease agreement, all the necessary repairs to keep them suitable for the use to which it was devoted, unless otherwise stated; (2) use the rented thing as a diligent family man and dedicate it to the intended use; and, in the absence of a provision, to what can be inferred from the nature of the rented thing, depending on the habit of the place; Hello, I have a problem with my landlord, she wants to repair our pipes, but she insists that I pay for the costs of these repairs, do I really have to pay for it? or it is her duty to do the repairs, because she is the owner of the house and I was only her tenant. Please give me an urgent response…. tnx anyway. ” Good morning. I just want to ask if the law says the landlord increases his rent every year? and how much percent should be their increase? Because in my case, our residential rent is 6,500 per month of Philippine currency, and then after a year they increased us by 10 percent. Please help. Thank you, good morning, good morning. We have a property in Las Pinas rented by Ernesto Macasaet Jr. and we distributed our tenant after almost a year during which, despite several agreements, we did not pay rent. We also sent them a letter of request to pay the rent while they were still living in our house.

As me and my family have returned to our mindanao hometown, we find it more prudent that the property leaves because they are not willing to pay. We know that they can afford to pay the rent, because they have a very successful catering activity. I spoke to them before I chased them away and gave them a month, which, Mr. Macasaet said, was enough time to get around. I asked that they pay the rent, which was close to 80,000.00, but he said he could not afford it because he also needed money for him and his family to move. I accepted because they had been our tenants for so long and they were good payers. We signed an agreement so that before they live the house, they pay the water and electricity bill, leave the key of my aunt, who was their neighbor, and also leave their new address. It was also stated in our written agreement that they would give us a down payment of 20,000.00 and the rest will be paid every 21 or 22 of the month for a period of 10 months. We received the 20,000,000, but after that, they didn`t pay us as agreed. They also cannot be contacted and have not left a redirect address.

They also took our salad tray and left the house that looked like a pigsty. What legal action can we take against Mr. Ernesto Macasaet Jr. It has been more than a year since they left our property. Article 1670. If, at the end of the contract, the tenant continues to enjoy the thing that was leased for fifteen days with the agreement of the lessor, and unless a notification has been previously indicated by one of the parties, it is presumed that there is a new tacit lease, not for the duration of the original contract, but for the time set out in Articles 1682 and 1687.