The amendments or amendments to this Agreement are valid unless the purchaser has confirmed it in writing. The seller undertakes to provide the goods, services and/or goods delivered in accordance with the terms of this provision, including all the conditions contained in it by reference, and this agreement constitutes the full and integrated agreement between the buyer and the seller regarding the supply of goods, services and/or delivery items and replaces any negotiation or agreement prior or simultaneous, written or oral. This agreement has control over all incoherent, additional or derogatory conditions that appear on an offer, confirmation, proposal, volume of work, warranty, work order, invoice or other notification from the seller. Any additional or derogatory provisions contained in these documents (including click-wrap conditions) that provide for the amendment or amendment of the terms of this Agreement are rejected, challenged and replaced by this Agreement and is not part of the parties` contract for the sale of goods, services and/or delivery items. The seller is an independent contractor and no seller, manager, employee, representative, partner or person retained by the seller to perform the services to the buyer is considered an employee, agent or contractor of the buyer. Nothing in this agreement is interpreted in such a way that the buyer or seller is a partner, joint venture, agent, agent or collaborator of the other. If, for any reason, a provision of this Contract is declared invalid, unlawful or unenforceable by a government authority, that provision will not invalidate or enforce another provision of this Agreement, and these parties will remain fully in force and appear to have been executed without the invalid, illegal or unenforceable party. In this case, the agreement must be interpreted in the sense that it is fully permissible to the extent permitted by law. This agreement can be executed in inconclusive parts which, together, form a single agreement between the parties. v. unless: this provision is required by existing legislation, rule, regulation or exchange rule, the seller may not make any statement, confirmation or disclosure to the public, the news media or to third parties, except with the buyer`s prior written consent, both with respect to the content and date of that disclosure; (a) that discussions on the agreement take place; (b) that the parties exchanged information in order to accept an agreement on this agreement, or (c) the existence of that agreement. In addition, if the purchaser expressly authorizes the use of confidential information, the purchaser reserves the right to revoke that use at any time.

(vii) “subcontractor”: all subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, suppliers, independent contractors and similar representatives of the seller and its related companies; Once supplier services are completed, contracts must require the return or destruction of all Macabolar College data, in accordance with the Access Control Directive. Purchasing and contract managers must ensure that all access to higher education information systems and, where appropriate, the institutions that host these systems is in place.