Top 10 ideas to ensure your drinks reception goes down as well as the complimentary drinks…

Whether its a wedding, birthday, seasonal party or corporate event, Drink Receptions are always a great opportunity to kick of the festivities with a bang and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Here are the some of the best ideas for you drinks reception entertainment, as outlined by Ireland’s leading and most decorated music agency:


1. Spanish Guitarist (Juan Jose)

For a an elegant and Latin-influenced drinks reception choose the virtuoso Spanish guitarist Juan Jose.

2. Havana Club Trio

Staying with the Latin vibe, for a steeped and energetic mix of both classic Latin hits and contemporary salsa, the Havana Club Trio are always a phenomenal options for any drinks reception.

3. R&B (Alsan Duo)

To really make a statement at your drinks reception, specifically for the Aslan fans amongst us, it doesn’t get much better than Rod and Billy from Aslan playing a number of their own hits as well as other classic old and new. From Snow Patrol and The Beatles, to REM and The Rolling Stones, check out their incredible new duo cover act.

4. Hogan & Mann

For those who value experience, Hogan & Mann area a duo consisting of two highly accomplished entertainers and multi instrumentalists, specifically The Voice of Ireland’s Andy Mann and the incredibly talented Larry Hogan. Playing a broad selection of acoustic covers from hits old and new.

5. Pat Byrne

For those of who followed RTÉ’s The Voice of Ireland, the crowned winner Pat Byrne was the stand-out performer and would make for an spectacular addition to any drinks reception – just see his final performance below.

6. Jazz Quartet

For the more formal and sophisticated of receptions, a Jazz Quartet never fails to provide the perfect ambience.

7. Pianist (Ciaran Bernard)

Staying with the classier of drinks reception options, a pianist is another timeless classic and elegant form of entertainment that beautifully accents every evening.

8. Donna Dunne

For another more alternative idea, check out the fantastic Donna Dunne. Universally known as the quintessential female rock lead with her own Amelda May style of rock-a-billy, specialising in a variety of classic rock.

9. Harpist (Amy McAllister)

For those who seek class and sophistication but also something a little different, a harpist can be just what you are looking for and a fantastic addition to a drinks reception.

10. The Nouvelle Club

For those who again prefer a strong female vocalist, the smooth and timeless vibes of the eminent The Nouvelle Club are a sure fire way to entrance your guests at your drinks reception.


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