We’ve all been guilty of busting out some of our perhaps slightly more peculiar moves at our friends’ Wedding Party or our Boss’ Corporate Event. Those classic dance moves, although there’s no shame to them, we all would like to leave in the past (even if just for one day) for our very own big Corporate Entertainment Party or Unique Wedding Celebration! Away with the ordinary ‘All The Single Ladies’ or maybe the continuously cheesy Michael Jackson impersonation – hello to the extra-ordinary and only the Top Ten Best Corporate Entertainment DJ Ideas!!

Corporate Events Ireland has been enjoying over 20 years of experience within the Corporate and Wedding Entertainment industry and over the years has rounded up an impressive number of Alternative DJ’s for hire in Ireland. Our DJ’s are all highly professional, experienced and are more than happy to suit their music to every party’s need, adapting to the crowd in front of them, promising a dance floor filled until the very early hours of the morning.
No Corporate Entertainment Idea, or Alternative Wedding DJ Act is too unusual for our team and we can assure you to be able to advice you on whatever Party DJ Idea you may present to us. May it be a Drummer & Saxophone Player Duo, or a Daft Punk Tribute Act – call us on +353-1-201-3660 today and we’ll be happy to answer you every question and on top of that offer a cost effective, friendly service!


Here are Ten Alternative DJ Ideas for you to choose from:

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1.) Adding that extra beat, we provide a Drummer & DJ combo that will surely blow the roof off your Corporate Event.

drummer and dj combo for hire corporate events







2.) We can provide Tribute DJ Acts for that authentic feel. You’ll have your very own Daft Punk concert, without spending the few million quid!!

Daftpunk Tribute









3.) Relive you school days with DJ Doolittle. Doolittle will pump out the tunes from a number of eras with various genres including Motown, Funk, Soul, Indie and Classic Rock.

DJ Doolittle Audionetworks









4.) Boyzone singer Shane Lynch has teamed up with Phats and Small singer Ben Ofoedu to give you the best DJ Entertainment.

Ben_AMA Music_Phatsandsmall










5.) Phantom FM DJ Phil Udell has featured at a number of festivals and event. Make sure to add your event to his impressive list.

Phil Udell Phantom DJ_Weddings_corporate events






6.) This man who brought Karaoke to Ireland in 1988, DJ Electric Eddie is a familiar face in the Wedding and Corporate Circuit. BOOK NOW!













7.) Speaking of Karaoke, Audionetworks provides Karaoke Style DJ’s for all events.

DJ & Karaoke for hire with Audionetworks Ireland

DJ and Karaoke a fun, unique entertainment concept with Corporate Events Ireland











8.) Incorporating Live Music into the DJ set, how about some of that smooth alto tone with a Sax player. Your DJ & Sax Player Combo!

Sax Player Niamh White & DJ for hire in Ireland with www.audionetworks.ie

Saxophone Player Niamh White for hire with Corporate Events Ireland.. Innovative DJ and Sax Player concept.














9.) Or, how about a Flautist? DJ Papillion has you covered.

dj for hire on Corporate events







10.) Silent Discos are hugely popular, ensuring a number of genres to suit everyone’s taste.

Wedding Music - Silent Disco Ireland

Silent Disco Hire









We’re looking forward to hearing from you and your ideas for your next event !